CSA Member Policies

This CSA is a subscription to local, clean, responsibly grown vegetables, herbs, fruits, and other household and pantry goods we grow or source. With your subscription, you are pledging to purchase a certain amount of goods from us, picked up at regular intervals It is then our responsibility to grow and source high quality, local, grown and crafted goods, and distribute them to you conveniently at a fair price.

This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship.

Our growing practices & sourcing standards

We have begun documentation of all of our growing methods in order to pursue organic certification in our future. We stress that we sell clean, responsibly grown, local produce. Things we do not use: chemical fertilizers, chemical herbicides, chemical pesticides, or GMOs. Things we do use: Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile soap, cayenne pepper, garlic, row covers, crop rotation, companion planting, encouragement of beneficial species, compost, worm castings, Dr. Earth organic soil amendments, bloodmeal, cover crops, mulching. We grow food that we eat ourselves.

We hold the same standards for food products we source as we those we grow ourselves—we'll occasionally distribute organic or natural food products from sources with certification, and they will be labeled as such. We give first priority to the most local products we can find, but our “local” products may be sourced anywhere within a roughly 150 mile radius from Johnson City. We will label any products within a 500 mile radius as regional if we find them appropriate for distribution.

CSA Member Bonus

We've added value to our shares by insuring them with a secondary food source: your subscription comes with gift points to our restaurant, The Main Street Pizza Company. We want to thank you for your dedication to our farm, reduce the risk of crop failures effecting the bottom line of your investment, share with you what we're creating from the farm's goods, and treat you to dinner every once in a while! We always offer a percentage of your investment back in gift certificate dollars to the restaurant, substantially increasing the worth of your share! Your gift points will add up with each share you receive, a percentage of your purchase amount, available after the first share you pick up. We do limit these gift certificates to dine in only Sunday-Thursday; our restaurant operates at full capacity on Friday and Saturdays, and we want to guarantee you receive the best possible experience we can offer you with these gifts.

Share Customization

You will receive notification of your upcoming share order on Tuesday of the week prior to your pickup. You will have the option of taking no action to receive your share as it has been defined by our farm manager, or you can log on to our web store to customize your share contents. Your customized share orders will be due by end of day three days before your share pickup to allow us time to harvest, portion and distribute. On rare occasions, we may experience a product shortage that will affect your order. You will be notified by email if we experience any availability issues.


We securely accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and electronic check through our website. We offer convenient auto pay so that you just have to set it up once and let it roll.

We would love for you to stick with us for the entire year, but we hope you become a member forever; please see cancellation and refund policies specified below.

Pick up etiquette

By subscribing to this system, you are committing to your end of the bargain as well. We talk about food initiatives because we need our subscribers to understand the effort that it takes to be a small, ethically-driven food distributor within such large, open waters of corporate, national food distribution and grocery chains. It takes all of our efforts to sustain this alternative food source. We aim to operate our distribution system as simply as possible—we want it to be something that feels familiar to you, that's easy to work with and easy to access. We want you to experience success with this new way of consuming food; we ask a few minor responsibilities from you to help keep these systems operating smoothly for us all.

picking up your share

Your shares are distributed at either location of The Main Street Pizza Company in Johnson City and Kingsport, County line Pie in Greene county, in Bristol or Abingdon, VA.  Our farm staff is on hand at our Johnson City location 12-6pm Wednesday-Friday during our pick up windows to assist you with your share. We do ask that you bring your own preferred grocery receptacle for transporting your produce back home--we have chosen not to issue cardboard boxes as many traditional CSAs do in an effort to offset the waste that we produce, and we don't want to burden our members by charging deposits on reusable baskets or bags. Our solution is to allow our members their own flexibility in choosing how to get their goods home. Whether you choose to repurpose an old basket or box, purchase something new, or just grab a few used grocery bags on the way out the door, be certain your goods will be protected during transport. It is pertinent that you uphold this end of your commitment to this system and bring your box/bag/basket with you at pick up every time. Please understand that this responsibility is your contribution to our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of this system. Plan for just a few minutes with us when you come to pick up--our staff will review the entire contents of your share with you as we pack your veggies to go home with you.

missed pickups

We offer multiple time slots for you to pick up your share. Please consider which will be most convenient for you.

We do understand that all of our daily lives are hectic, and sometimes our personal schedules must make room for other priorities. In order to avoid any missed pick ups, our system allows you to make changes to your pick up day and scheduling pick up holds; please find this information detailed in the following topic "changing your pickup schedule" and "account holds"You can do many of these functions online by simply logging into your account.  You may place your account on hold up or email the farm up to three days before your scheduled pick up to postpone till the next share.

Johnson City & Kingsport pickups at The Main Street Pizza Co: Should you forget your pickup day of and still wish to retrieve it, your share will be held up to one week with the charge of a storage fee of $5.

Bristol & Abingdon pickups: Your share will NOT be held for pickup after the scheduled pickup window. Your pickup location is a host for the pick up only and cannot accommodate any needs for customer service. Please communicate with the farm staff directly if you have issues with your share.

changing your scheduled pickup day

If you find need to change your scheduled pickup day or temporarily place your account on hold, you may do so by logging in to your account through the link on our homepage and under "account log in" under the CSA menu header at the top of the page. Once you have logged in to your account, you'll find a button labeled "Change Location" in the green box titled Summary. While we do not currently have more than one pickup location, this is where you have the ability to change a pick up day from one to another. If you do not expect to make your regularly scheduled pick up day, please take the time to schedule in a different pick up day for that week. This is not a temporary change; your pick up day will not revert back to the previous schedule without your manual input.

delivery policies

Delivery is now available to your home for a fee of $8 within the direct Tri Cities regions and surrounding areas. Shares will be delivered Thursday afternoons and will be left at your door if no one is home for receiving. The time your share is in transit should not affect the quality of your goods; however, please make arrangements to unpack your share as soon as possible and store your goods to their preferred methods to maximize freshness and quality. Please contact the farm immediately if you have not received your share or if it has been damaged in transit.

account holds

You may place your account on hold when you are unable to pick up your share during any day of your scheduled week of pick up by scheduling dates under the tab "Delivery Hold" within your account. A delivery hold does not move your share to another day or week, it simply defers your share until your next scheduled pick up, and your account will not be charged during your account hold. Again, account holds must be made within three days of your scheduled pick up day to allow us time to make changes to our distribution.

vacations and holidays

We will communicate any specialty holiday schedules in the weeks in advance of Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. If you are not available for pickup during due to other holidays, vacation or travel, please plan to put your account on hold.

Security policy

Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.

Privacy policy

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information, and the page(s) you visited. We will not share or sell your personally identifiable information.

Refund & credit policy

There are no cash refunds once payments are made. All balances will be paid down to $0 in produce or gift certificates to The Main Street Pizza Company. We are willing to scrutinize within reason on a case by case basis any claim for credit due to quality of product distributed. We wash some of our produce, as many varieties are best held unwashed, and inspect the products we distribute, but some quality issues in produce are unforeseen until preparation. All refunds will be provided as credit to the account held with the farm, payable out in produce or in gift certificates to The Main Street Pizza Company.

Returned payments

Any returned payments will result in a $30 fee to your account.

Cancellation policy

There certainly are unforeseeable circumstances that may interrupt your ability to continue your subscription to this lifestyle—a move due to work, sick family members, etc. Please contact the farm if you need to cancel your subscription.