Community Supported Agriculture:

Farm Share Home Groceries

River Creek Farm CSA is a year round source for local produce, an ongoing subscription to the variety of vegetables that we grow on our farm in Limestone, Tennessee and that we source from other local farms within a 150 mile radius of Johnson City, TN. Our members pick up vegetables, eggs, and baked goods once a week, every other week, or every four weeks from convenient pick up points in downtown Johnson City, the VA Farmer’s Market, Kingsport, Bristol, Chuckey, and delivery is available to your work or home. We offer multiple combinations of share sizes, and pickup schedules to fit your household's needs—you select what works for you. Our members now have the option to customize each share pickup! We distribute local farm shares throughout all four seasons; join anytime to start receiving your local produce share immediately!

With your subscription, you're pledging to purchase an amount of responsibly grown, local produce and other goods, picked up or delivered at regular intervals. It is then our responsibility to grow and source high quality, local, grown and crafted goods, and distribute them to you conveniently at a fair price. You sign up, manage your account, and pay conveniently through our website. Then, we thank you for your commitment to local and responsible growing practices with gift certificates to our restaurant, The Main Street Pizza Company, just for subscribing!


Share Packages


Small Share $35 // Large Share $49

The fresh, familiar foods we know and love, in Appalachian Tennessee tradition. Your share will include a variety of vegetables, herbs, and occasional pantry items and household goods, and now YOU can control your share contents! Each week we communicate your upcoming share order; you can review these and customize your order with our online web store. Product selection will vary season to season, and amount of variety is determined by your share size, approximately 6-9 pieces small share, 8-13 large share. Some example crops include....

Spring: radishes, lettuces, cabbages, spring greens, onions, asparagus, peas, new potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb

Summer: tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, squash, zucchini, okra, beans, peppers, carrots, beets, swiss chard, basil, raspberries

Fall: acorn squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, apples, okra, beans, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, collard greens

Winter: butternut squash, turnip, parsnip, rutabaga, arugula, mustard greens, rosemary, apples

Add On Shares


local egg share

Local farm fresh eggs, distributed with your base share package rotation. One dozen $6 // Two dozen $10

bread and pasta share

Your dinner preparation made easy. Some essential food goods that round out a meal—increase your likelihood of cooking at home, and keep your food dollars in the local economy. A variety of breads, pastas, and pastries made fresh in the kitchens of our restaurant. Share components will always include a sandwich-style loaf of bread, fresh pasta, and 2-3 other specialty baked goods. Small $17 // Large $27


In an effort to further accommodate our customer's needs, we have updated our farm share system to allow members to customize every share! You'll receive an email from us in advance of your order indicating what's coming up in the week ahead, a variety of produce that will amount to a small share ($35) or large share ($49). You'll then have the option of accepting this order as is, or you can actively manipulate your share by logging on to our web store to customize your contents. Choose the same value of produce, less, or more, depending on your needs each week.

While we stand by our commitment to year-round produce and the lifestyle changes that promotes, we hope to further embrace the reality that home food preparation can be a time management obstacle in our already hectic schedules by allowing for even further flexibility with your share. Our web store customization will allow you the option to "opt out" of fresh produce for the week, but still receive access to local foods, by receiving your share value in the form of a gift certificate to The Main St Pizza Company. So at any time you find yourself without the time to prep, cook & clean, we still have you covered with local food options by dining out, simply select a Main St Pizza gift certificate when customizing your share order on our web store. 


Select Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly pickups. Then pick how you would like to get your produce, delivery, or pick up. We distribute shares for pick up in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and Chuckey Tuesday through Saturday. Our staff will be on site Wednesday through Friday 12pm-6pm at our Johnson City pick up location. We also offer pick up on Thursdays at the Va Farmers Market in Johnson City.

Please see our contact information for directions, and our policies for more information on picking up your share.


Your account will be charged the evening of your pick up. You set up your preferred method of payment when you sign up. The system will then automatically charge for the share you received, no need to do anything.

Join now to receive a 10% bonus in free Main St Pizza gift cards! We increase the value of your share with a bonus of gift certificates to our restaurant, The Main Street Pizza Company. For every payment you make on your account throughout your entire membership, we'll send you a percentage of your payment amount in bonus in free Main Street Pizza gift cards with each payment, as long as you remain a member!  Your gift cards will be in the first share you pick up after a payment processes.

sign up process

Follow the "JOIN NOW" link under the "CSA" button on our website header. You'll be taken immediately to the payment process, as follows:


Select a pickup location: Choose an address for pickup at our distribution points, at either location of The Main Street Pizza Company (JC Wednesday through Saturday, KPT Thursday), Thursday from 2-5 pm at the Bloom Cafe in Bristol, TN, Thursdays from 2:30-6:30 at the VA Farmer’s Market in Johnson City, Fridays 12-6 at (our soon to come) County Line Pie in Greene county, or delivery to your work or home (Thursday only).

Shop for your share subscription; choose the share size appropriate for your household, small or large. Add on our bakery share for fresh breads, pastas and pastries, or our local egg share to get one or two dozen eggs with every pickup. Select how often you would like to receive your share: weekly, biweekly (every other week), or monthly (every four weeks). 


Choose your payment plan. Your payment plan will fund your farm account for the share you have received from the payment method you have selected (credit, debit, PayPal, EFT). Each payment receives bonus points for our restaurants Enter any promotion code to receive a discount. You may update this payment information at any point in the future by logging in to your account.


Enter a valid email address that you check regularly. We send ALL communication through email. We will communicate your share contents by email before you receive your order. You will receive automated reminders to pick up your share. We will communicate regarding upcoming payments. The address you enter here will be used for a delivery address should that option be selected.


Read and accept our “Farm Policy”. Click on the link highlighted as “terms of River Creek Farm”. This will take you to our Member Policies page (back here). Please read this information in full, as we have outlined how to best commit to a successful share experience for both our members and the farm. Indicate you have read and understand these policies by checking the box at the top of the payment screen. Your payment method is automatically recurring for the life of your membership. You may update this payment information at any point in the future by logging in to your account.


The green box on the right side of the web page provides information about your subscription. You're seeing quite a bit of different info compiled here...  Pick up location or delivery schedule; first distribution date; share contents, add ons, quantities and cost; payment plan amount; subtotal, reflecting cost of full share at distribution; delivery fees, if applicable; discounts or coupons, if applicable; and total, the amount due in immediate payment to fund the account and initiate a share subscription. Your total due at checkout is the amount of the immediate transaction.


A successful sign up will result in a confirmation email sent to the address on your account. Welcome aboard! This email will review your subscription details and provide your first pick up date. Please email us through the website or at if you have any questions.