June 24 - June 26 Produce

A big welcome to all of our monthly customers picking up their first share this week!

Shares this week included any variety of the produce pictured below. Some super local finds  from our friends with Build it Up East Tennessee: the June Apples and garlic scapes are coming to you from the Tree Streets! Eat the June Apples fresh (these are a delicious variety, with a most complex flavor profile, both sweet and tart), use them for baked goods, or try blending in the rhubarb with this easy apple sauce recipe: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/spiced-applesauce

Use your garlic scapes in cooking as a regular clove of garlic. The tip of the stem will likely be tough; you can leave it in for flavoring only, or break it off as you would asparagus and discard.

Your Bread & Pasta share includes a sandwich loaf made from the spent grains Johnson City Brewing Company has used in brewing, and gives this loaf a great heartiness. These grains include a mix of Barley Malt, Caramel 20 Barley Malt, and Carapils German Barley Malt. Their tap room is open Thursday-Saturday after 5pm, just a few door down from us at the restaurant in the Kings Centre. Learn more about our neighbors at http://www.johnsoncitybrewing.com

From left to right, top to bottom...

Fresh spaghetti, farm eggs, white hoagies, spent grain loaf, collard greens

Black radish, broccoli, strawberries, spring onions, snap peas, cocozelle, yellow squash & zucchini

Turnip greens, cremini mushroom, rhubarb, herb mix, blueberries, lambs quarters

Lacinato kale, zucchini bread demi loaves, purple kohlrabi, June apples, ruby lettuce, beets, garlic scapes