July 22 - July 24 Produce

GREASY BEANS are in! An Appalachian heritage heirloom variety, these beans and other heirloom varieties (like the turkey craw) are gaining popularity once again. I recently saw an article advising its readers to "take advice on how to cook beans from a true Southerner", and by that we're referring to the slow simmer, pork-flavored dish that you grandma may have canned. This site gives simple cooking instructions--at home we render the fat from a smoked pork jowel, or bacon does just fine as well, before adding the beans to the pot to slowly simmer for about 45 minutes...Be sure to string these beans!


BORAGE...What is it? A cucumber flavored perennial herb. Both leaves and flowers are edible, and can be used fresh in salads or sauteed down like your other greens. Hope you enjoy this one from Foodtopia Marketgarden.

Veggies included in shares this week are pictured below, from left to right, top to bottom:

Green onion, green cabbage, greasy beans, yellow squash, cocozelle and zucchini

Cucumber, swiss chard, borage, red okra, farm fresh egg, caraflex cabbage

Red cabbage, green pepper, June apple, sparkler tip radish, herb pack

Not pictured: cherry & heirloom tomatoes, garlic scape, siberian kale

Bread shares: French bread loaf, foccacia, zucchini bread, creste rigate pasta